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Your Business Can Pay You More

Profit First

Everything you need to achieve predictable, extraordinary profitability in your business.

More Profit

Make Profitability a HABIT of Your Business

Emergency Fund

Destroy Your Debt,

Pay Your Taxes on TIME,

Have An Emergency Fund In Case Of Unexpected Downturns

Bigger Paycheck

Pay Yourself Regularly


Create a Business Around Your Life, Instead of a Life Around Your Business


What is Profit First?

Profit First is a profoundly simple yet shockingly effective accounting strategy that will transform your business from a cash eating monster into a money making machine. Written by Mike Michalowicz the system explains why the GAAP accounting method is contrary to human nature, trapping entrepreneurs in the panic-driven cycle of operating check-to-check and reveals why this new method is the easiest and smartest way to ensure your business becomes wildly (and permanently) profitable from your very next deposit forward.

Recreate the Profit Formula


Sales - Expenses = Profit


Sales - Profit = Expenses

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Support and Accountability

The Profit First method is 100% successful for all businesses that stay 100% consistent with the method. Sticking with the system, by yourself, can be a challenge at first. As a Profit First Certified Professional I integrate a 90 Day Fast Start strategy to get you going and see results quickly, followed by a 90 Day Optimization to ensure you are constantly driving profits and help you navigate challenges.

Peace of Mind

Financial statements can be impossible to understand and use for anybody without a degree in Accounting. Profit First is an extremely simple method and will allow you to ensure profitability without digging into your financial statements. Imagine having complete clarity on your financial picture and being able to make money decisions quickly and easily. No more cringing when it’s time to look at numbers, instead, assess your financial picture with joy and ease.

Party in Santa Hats

Immediate Results

The process of maximizing your profits takes effect literally by your next deposit. There is no stretched, long consultative process to get started. We’ll simply implement a few changes in your cash management and start you increasing profitability from day one.


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